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With just a few clicks, you can calculate the cost of your coach including driver. We hire coaches from 8 to 80 seats in Berlin.

Questions about BerlinBus.De

The company behind BerlinBus.DE is CITYTAINMENT UG, which has been involved in passenger transport and coach hire for decades.

The tour operator CITYTAINMENT from Berlin has been organising coach trips to major events since 2007 and now transports over 100,000 passengers per year in this segment in around 1600 individual trips. That is an average of 11 fully booked tours per day. Citytainment also offers consultancy and software solutions for major events and regularly handles the entire coach logistics for such events.

We currently operate a fleet of 15 vehicles and have buses with 8 up to 93 seats.

You can find an overview of our coaches here.

No. Bus journey booking portals accept journeys from you for as much money as possible, without knowing who will be carrying out the journey in the end. They then look for coach companies with the cheapest price and often ignore quality, safety and, above all, labour standards.

With us, you can hire vehicles from our fleet in Berlin: modern, perfectly maintained coaches with local drivers from Berlin who have been driving buses safely through the capital for decades.

Hiring a coach from us is basically as easy as calling a taxi. You calculate your price online, confirm the booking and we will pick you and your passengers at the agreed time and take you safely to your destination.

We basically hire out our buses to anyone:

  • Kindergardens and school classes
  • Pensioners
  • Tourists
  • Associations, organisations and clubs
  • Fans
  • Demonstrators

However, what is important here is that the partners of BerlinBus.DE share a cosmopolitan world view. We decisively reject racism, sexism, homo-/transphobia and all other forms of misanthropy, not only on our buses.

Questions about Quotation, booking and cancellation

BerlinBus.DE generally operates according to the following principle:
First we provide the service – then we want to be paid for it.

This means that you take no risk when you book your journey with us. You will receive our invoice a few days after completing the journey and then settle the amount within the payment period.

Payment is possible by bank transfer, bank debit and credit card.

There are exceptions:
For some orders or in case of poor payment history, we reserve the right to change the payment method to prepayment in full or in part.

We keep it simple and are much fairer than many of our competitors:

  • Up to 14 days before the journey the cancellation is free of charge
  • Up to 2 days before the trip, cancellation costs 35%
  • From 2 days before the trip we charge 75%

Questions about comfort

Quite simply: Yes!
At BerlinBus.DE you can only hire coaches with a toilet.
For obvious reasons, this does not apply to our Sprinters, which do not have a toilet.

Info: For safety reasons, the use of on-board toilets is only permitted in foreseeable traffic situations, i.e. on well-developed country roads, main roads and motorways. It is too dangerous to use the toilet in city traffic.

All our buses have high-speed WiFi with unlimited data volume. Use is free of charge – the password is available from the driver.

All our coaches have an on-board kitchen. However, this is not a fitted kitchen with a gas hob. The kitchenette in our buses offers:

  • Cooker (e.g. for soup or sausage)
  • Coffee machine
  • Refrigerator
  • The double deckers have a microwave

We offer on board our buses on request and at reasonable prices:

  • Coffee 
  • Tea 
  • Water (with/without gas)
  • Soft drinks
  • Beer/sparkling wine

Questions about the journey

Simple answer: Yes!
Our buses have three-point seat belts and passengers are legally obliged (seat belt obligation) to use them. In the event of a traffic control, fines may be imposed on passengers who are not wearing their seat belts.

We do not have a general no-dog or no-pet policy on board.

Nevertheless, if you wish to take your pet with you, this must be agreed and confirmed by us before completing the booking.

This depends on the volume of the luggage compartment of our coaches. For example, our coach with 57 seats has a luggage compartment measuring around 8.6 m3, that’s 8600 litres. This means that each passenger can bring an average of 150 litres of luggage.

The luggage compartment can be doubled by booking a trailer.

Our buses usually arrive 15 minutes before the agreed departure time. At the scheduled departure time, all passengers should be on site and have started boarding. As soon as the passengers have finished boarding, the bus will set off.

If we have to wait for passengers, additional charges will be due from 15 minutes waiting time. These are currently €25 per 15 minutes.

We recommend that you arrange a meeting point with your group approx. 30 minutes before departure time to avoid waiting times.

Questions about Children and young people on the bus

Technically from birth. There are no restrictions on when children are allowed to travel on the bus.

The general seatbelt obligation in coaches also applies to children.

Every passenger, big or small, is legally obliged to wear a seatbelt on the coach.

Child seats are not mandatory on coaches.

There is therefore no obligation for infant carriers, child seats or booster seats.

In practice, however, we recommend the use of a “baby seat” for babies. Thanks to the three-point belt systems in our coaches, these can be easily attached.

A resounding yes!

It is generally not permitted to transport your own child on your lap.

Legal provisions for bus transport

The regulations on driving times and rest periods apply.

Put simply:

As a rule, a driver may drive for 9 hours a day. The driving time may be extended to 10 hours twice a week.

The driving times are monitored and recorded by a device in the bus (EC recording equipment). Every minute in which more seconds are spent “driving” than “standing” is counted as driving time.

Now you also know why lorries always wait in traffic jams on the motorway and then drive forward with a jerk.

A driver may not drive for more than 4.5 hours at a time. After this, a break of 45 minutes is required before driving again for a maximum of 4.5 hours.

The break can also be divided into 15 and 30 minutes.

For example, a 15-minute break can be taken after 2 hours and then a second 30-minute break after a further 2.5 hours.

Coaches have to be inspected more often than ordinary cars.
While cars have to undergo a general inspection every two years, coaches have to undergo an inspection every year.

But not only that:
In addition to the annual main inspection at the TÜV, coaches have to pass a so-called “safety inspection” at least every 3 months. This involves checking the safety-relevant equipment for proper functioning.

You will find the TÜV and SP seal on the rear of the licence plate of all coaches.

Yes, all passengers in coaches are covered by the operator’s motor vehicle liability insurance.

Super Safe

We do not operate our own garage. Our vehicles are serviced by independent authorised service stations in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications. We carry out both the annual general inspection (HU) and the additional quarterly safety checks (“SP”) directly at the DEKRA Berlin-Tempelhof branch.

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