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When it matters,we are the first choice.

Special events – special requirements. Where others pull out, we get right in.

Passenger logistics for events

Our particular strength lies in passenger logistics for events. Thanks to our roots in the event industry and years of experience and specialisation, we have expertise that is unique in Europe.

Whether 2,500 or 25,000 people – we not only say that we can do it, we also successfully realise such events every year.

By bus to the company party

There’s no small print with us. We answer the most important questions first.

And if you still have questions:

Infrastructure for major events

We have specially developed software solutions for handling crowd transfers – including information displays for departure times. The technology is cross-platform compatible, connectable and resilient and is regularly used for corporate events, music festivals and large-scale demonstrations.

The first choice for 
Incentive trips
Company Offsites
Factory transport

A good reason for BerlinBus.De

At the center are you

We put you at the centre:

Our buses usually travel through the city without any branding. Of course, branding measures with your corporate identity are also possible.

Your company in HD

We don’t stick crumpled A4 notes on the windscreen. Instead, there are HD displays that can show your logo or any text at the simple press of a button.

Business black

Our VIP Sprinters with 8-16 seats and our double-decker buses with up to 80 seats are all in metallic black.

Always well connected

Our coaches are equipped with 5G and Wi-Fi 6 Internet. This means that the Wi-Fi networks in our vehicles offer up to 500 Mbit for your passengers.

100% passenger logistics

If required, we can take care of all aspects of your order. We have decades of experience and have the material and resources for the most complex of jobs. Booking systems, departure boards, sound systems, and information stands. All this and much more is always in our warehouse and ready for immediate use if required.

Our coaches in Berlin

65-80 Plätze
50-57 Plätze
8-25 Plätze

Setra 431

Reisebus, 65-80 Plätze

Unsere Doppeldecker für bis zu 80 Menschen - 2 x verfügbar!


Setra 519 HD

Reisebus, 65-80 Plätze

15 Meter lang und Platz für 65 Menschen


Setra 417 HD

Reisebus, 50-57 Plätze

Der Bus für mittlere Gruppen bis 57 Menschen


Scania A30

Reisebus, 50-57 Plätze

Für Transfers, Ausflüge und kleine Reisen bis 59 Menschen


Setra 416 UL

Reisebus, 50-57 Plätze

Für Transfers, Ausflüge und kleine Reisen bis 55 Menschen


Setra 515 HD

Reisebus, 50-57 Plätze

Top Class Reisebus für bis zu 51 Menschen


Iveco Probus

Reisebus, 8-25 Plätze

Der Kleine unter den Großen. Platz für 25 Menschen


Sprinter 16

Reisebus, 8-25 Plätze

Mercedes Sprinter mit 16 Sitplätzen


Sprinter 8

Reisebus, 8-25 Plätze

Mercedes Sprinter mit 8 Sitzplätzen in VIP Ausführung




Wir betreiben 3 Linienbusse mit je 39 Sitz + 40 Stehplätzen.

WhatsApp Image 2023-03-25 at 15.54.29

Tschu-Tschu Bahn


Unsere Wegebahn für besondere Anlässe und Feste hat bis 15-60 Plätze.

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BerlinBus company transport

With us, you can transport your employees comfortably, punctually and, above all, safely to and from the company headquarters. We have years of experience in handling daily company transport and are the best alternative – both for you and your employees.

May the best service win

With us, you will have a dedicated contact person for your queries from A right through to the final destination.

We are looking forward to your project.

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